Saturday, 4 June 2011


This is an account of a strange conversation I had with a man about Downton Abbey, I sent it as a letter to the staff member who transfered who left, letting her know what she is missing out on.

Hello Jess,

It's not the same without you here - no one to tell silly little stories to!

Do you get werid phone calls in XXXX yet?

We had a man call up on Monday who waffled on for 20 mins about how he was 'incenced' that Downton Manner just has TOO many adds. He "normally doesn't get on the blower like this," but he was just SO angry cause he has been looking forward to watching the 'UK and US Gigantic Hit, fabulous production' for weeks. 

He also said,  "The viewing public disgracefully, they held us to contempt."

He 'didn't want to watch though with all the adds, too DISTRESSING." AND "I'll have to go find the DVD now, do you think they'll have it at JB Hi Fi," 

So I said, 'No...cause it's new out, do you have the internet?' He answered, "I don't have time for the silly internet so I'll have to get my nephews to help me, they're all tech savvy." 

He 'would like an apology letter for something they ruined' that he 'was really looking forward to.' as "I know how these things work, I used to be in the film and tv industry, I worked on that television program The Sullivans." 

Also, he "didn't start to like the run of adds about the woman on the diet, the woman at the gym and then the one about the women who had constipation!!!!"

So would you be happy to send it?  Here is his real address:

XXXXX %^&%*

As you can see, I wrote a fair bit of the one ended conversation down. Please don't forget about the apology card, he's really furious and 'distressed.'.

Thank you,

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