Sunday, 19 December 2010

AREN'T THEY GORGEOUS!: Shane Watson and Lee Furlong

Shane Watson, 29 plays cricket for Australia and Lee Furlong is a Fox Sports Presenter. The couple were married this year in June. My personal opinion is that they are a gorgeous couple who look very in sync. How lucky is Lee - she works in TV as a presenter (dream job), has good looks herself and has a hot, sporty partner. The only downside I can see for her is having to sit through games of cricket and look interested, personally I do not understand the rules/scoring of cricket - people have tried to explain it to me many times but I chosen not to understand haha! And they live in Sydney (one of my favourite places)probably in some beautiful house with their two one-year-old schnauzer maltese puppies, Clappo, named after their favourite musician Eric Clapton, and Bobbi. They have been together since 2006 after meeting through friends.

My favourite photo of the couple
Lee Furlong - Mother Of All Balls At Randwick RacecourseLee Furlong, Shane Watson


  1. They are very cute :)
    And I love her dress in the second photo down !

  2. they look very cute together and Watto is my celeb crush lol Lee is one hell of beauty and luck, Jealous of her!


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