Wednesday, 30 March 2011

In the spotlight again: MR NICK BRACKS - VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Blog followers will know, my most popular blogs have been about Nick Bracks. So in honour of the great, young, entrepeneurial, energetic man, I would like to announce my number one vote in Cleo Bachelor 2011  will be him.
I admire him. He has theoretically failed and been in the spot light a few times for car crashes and drunken behaviour. But hey! He has a lot of spunk and up & go about him as he is one of Melbourne's most in demand socialites, has a terrific business brain, charm, confidence and charisma to move on and make a success of himself. The gorgeous young man will also be on Dancing With The Stars soon - he will no doubt become even more popular but I think that is great - he has worked hard, had his ups and downs thus he deserves the attention and fun. He must have an extremely good social skills and charm - I'm sure much of it is natural talents and on Nicks own accord but growing up in a political household must have allowed him to develop a trick or two. You can just tell by looking at him he is going to go far! Good on you Nick - Hope you win both the Cleo Bachelor* and Dancing with The Stars.

To vote for him go here

*And just for record, Nick is actually a Bachelor. Unlike some of the others in the competition who I know have girlfriends. So Nick is a genuine vote for the win.

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