Monday, 8 November 2010


Little Siena is my favourite contestant on Junior Masterchef. For a 9 year old, she is a phenomenal - she speaks very well and cooks the most intricate, complicated and amazing meals. The cutest was when they had a scrambled egg challenge and she said, 'I'm pretty confident about this because I cook scrambled eggs every Sunday morning for breakfast.' She also loves cooking so much, she started up a 'Cooking Club' with her friends where she shows them how to make some of her favourite meals. My mother and I can't help going, 'Ohhhh she's so cute, she's so nice to the other kids,' every time we watch her. Take a look at her gorgeous manner in the video below - let's hope the little star wins!


  1. I love Sienna too. she's so adorable!

    PS: i LOVE BONDI iceberg too:)

  2. I also love Pierre . He seemed so humble and is so polite when he talks :)

  3. i love Siena too she's so cute and talented. unfortunately she didn't make it top 2 and win the show

  4. many of my child friends and fans love Pierre and they have requested me to create a blog that contains some of there message. if you like you can read it at



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