Monday, 8 November 2010

DIVINE VIDEO CLIPS: Angus & Julia Stone

I am a bit of an information junkie, if someone is the flavour of the month, I'll look them up on Wikipedia to find out more about them. So with all the ARIA hype while on Wikipedia, I was looking up Angus and Julia Stone. I came across news of an acoustic cover they had done of "Your're the One That I Want." from the movie Grease. I am not a massive fan of the film, however, I think the Stone's cover is lovely and flows well.
According to Wiki it has, "proved to be a cult hit with fans."

Also how absolutely gorgeous is this videoclip by them - the scenery in it is spectacular. It is always good when an artists wins heaps of awards and you rediscover their music. Angus and Julia Stone will be great car music today.

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