Tuesday, 5 October 2010


On Saturday at midday, my old boss, rung me up as he needed an article written on an old, well known local identity who has died during last week - he also wanted an article that would give a better insight into the gregarious character of the well loved man than the competing newspaper did. I got to work on Sunday with the article and interviewed a few people as well as taking some photos of old photos of him. And to my great surprise got a lovely text message today from my friend who is the production manager saying it turned out to be a front page article! I was thrilled!

Have a read if you like, the article is on an old man called Rex 'China' Gilbert - he was big personality and cheeky character. Makes for quite an interesting article that anyone can understand.

Incredibly, a very spooky moment happened when I was at the Surf Club in their office doing an interview, an old friend of his 'Ming; rung up to see when his memorial service was on and shared some memories of China with me over the phone. This was one of those articles where I am sure there were some extra forces in the universe causing it to happen for a reason. I just have a feeling about it.

It was not printed in the article but I was told the cheeky and friendly man loved the ladies, especially air hostesses in his younger days and he would tell his grandson not too drink too much at the pub but was always the last person to leave the pub himself a little worse for wear hehe! But he was a friend to all and is expected to have thousands at his memorial service - now isn't that a beautiful reflection of living a full life, having so many people feel that you have been a friend to them? He sounded like an amazing man.

p.s. Surf Coast Times is also a highly interesting community newspaper - worth having a look at :-)


  1. Congratulations Sarah - very interesting read. All your hard work paid off!

  2. Well done sarah! Thats very exciting great article! xx

  3. Well done, a great snap shot of a wonderful gentleman and a lovable old rogue.

    Cr Dean Webster
    Surf Coast Shire


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