Friday, 1 October 2010

Kristy Fraser-Kirk vs. Mark McInnes

Last night I was having a small debate with a male about the Kristy Fraser-Kirk's $37 million David Jones harassment case. She alleged that the CEO Mark McInnes sexually harassed her in the work place.
If you need an update on events you can read the full article here.

Now the thing that I am finding is that males seem to think she is a psycho, attention seeker, gold digger etc.

Where females seem to be more on her side, believing it is about time someone stood up for this sort of behaviour in the workplace and just generally from males. And Mark's behaviour should not be excused and there are a lot of men similar who think they can get away with it.

I want to side with Kristy but is there something in her eye that tells me she might be a little bit devilish.
But then again, I remember when I worked casually in education programs I had a male boss who on a few occasions slapped my backside in a cheeky sort of funny way which didn't both me but when working with children he was the first one to never let a child touch him while at work and was extremely careful about this. So some men can be very hypocritical about this sort of stuff.

What do you think? What is your opinion? What do think the results will be?

And where did she pluck the number of $37 Million from?

Mark McInnes with his lovely looking girlfriend Lisa Kelly - poor lady :-(

Psycho or Sane - Kristy Fraser-Kirk?

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  1. I agree I want to be on her side but she seems a bit shifty...


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