Friday, 1 October 2010

THE STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD: 6 Bloggers you should get on to!

I just received the stylish blogger award and I've only been blogging about a month but must admit, I love it! I am addicted at the moment, it is so much fun and so inspiring. I seriously go to bed thinking of blog ideas and it has got me away from checking Facebook - which is a good thing because Facebook can get a bit toxic and pointless at times.

A HUGE thanks to Becks and The City who passed on this award. She runs an awesome blog that is definetely worth having a look at. She interviews all sorts of journalists/magazine writers and makes a superbly interesting blog.By day, she works as a a mediator for Consumer Affairs. Yet by night, she lives out her passion as a magazine writer and non-fiction author which one day soon she will do full time.

As a part of my acceptance I must reveal 5 secrets about myself/blog.

1. I am secretly the writer of this post about an Anoyomous person who did work experience at Cosmopolitan magazine, supposedly once people at the magazine discovered it a few weeks ago, it was the 'buzz at ACP'

Haha a work shot, "Hello...I'm so friendly, please buy"
2. I used to be a journalist, I don't work as one at the moment but desperate to go back into it.

3. My middle name is Tabitha and no, it is not a witches or cats name.

4. I once talked my way into an opening night at a nightclub with a hugely long line that myself and 5 other girls were at the end of, by ripping out my journalist business card and asking i the "media" got preferential entry!

5. I don't like my job at the moment and spend a lot of time quickly checking the hits on my blog and trying to write some quick/entertaining posts so PLEASE comment if you can - it makes my day, seriously.
(but my photo on the left is one of my work shots for their catalogue)

Now, like the Olympic Torch, I must pass on the award to 6 other AMAZING and INSPIRING bloggers. Thought I would write a little review about their blogs too.

1. Laura Valerie from Life Beauty Laughter
This is one of my favourite blogs ever! It inspires me so much, Laura is an aspiring writer but judging from her blog she is going to go far from her incredible way with words and sense of knowing what readers respond to. She has an amazing eye for picking out things that are beautiful, touching and inspiring. Her posts often leave me with something to think about. If there is a blog that I'm hanging out to read the next post of, this is it! And if you are going to read any blog today, read this one, it's good for your soul.
I have to agree with blog heroine Sarah Wilson who mentioned her on her blog, she has a (exceptionally) nice eye for photos.

2. Stephanie Baker from Another Refreshing Creation 
Stephanie is an amazing friend of mine. She has done many extraordinary things with her life, including working as a model in London which included making some celebrity friends and having a cheeky pash with a few too! We both kicked started our blogs around the same time and Steph's posts are always interesting, fun and cool - she doubts herself but she is actually a bloody good writer and her posts are easy to read and enjoy. She's definetly very talented!

3. Onika from A Freckle to The Left
I really like this blog. It is an awesome mix of fun, fashion and generally interesting things. Onika seems to have a good sense of humour too and a fun/cool/cheeky/smart vibe to her posts with great taste in photos. This woman is on the ball! 

4. Aspiring Domestic Goddess from Domestic Divinity
I don't know what it is about this blog, but I love reading her posts. She has a fantastic layout, amazing taste in fashion in a cool way where she puts up photos of what she is wearing, she gives us cool like insights into her life and writes interesting things. 

5. Becky Catto-Smith from Lyrics of Louise
Becky has an impeccable eye for fashion, her blog has been growing in popularity. I am not a huge fan of fashion blogs as I try to look for different things but this is one Fashion blog that is easy to enjoy, has interesting posts and Becky keeps up to date with what is going on in the fashion world in Melbourne. I'm sure it won't be long before we see her win Cosmo's Fun Fearless Female best blogger award!

6. Celeste from Melbourne Dating Chronicles
Girls will love this blog. Celeste only has a few posts but so far, I've loved ever one of one. She writes about her dating life in a really fun, interesting and cheeky way. Her latest post about the Ex-Footballer I was engrossed in and it left me shocked with my jaw dropping literally - a must read, fantastic! I've already recommended it to three other girls who have come back to me and said that they love it.


  1. Thank you so much Sarah, that is so lovely of you! I really appreciate your support :)

    And how funny about the interest for your Cosmo post! I hope it means that they will treat their "workies" with a little more kindness and respect from now on;)

    Love lots xx

  2. Sarah! Thank you! I am shocked and amazed - as you mentioned, it's nice to know someone is reading. Although a girlfriend said her boyfriend loves reading it - and my immediate reaction was 'no! He won't let me near his friends!' Well done on winning the award. :)

  3. Thanks Sarah for that lovely write up! I will answewr these questions tomorrow as i'm about to head down to the beach! Thanks bebs! xxx

  4. Congratulations!
    thanks alot for the support Sarah!! much appreciated darling!!

  5. thankyou so much for your lovely blurb and lovely commentS!! you seem so sweet!! i will try and pass this on tomorrow :)
    loving your blog too btw!! my blogger is buggering upn on my work computer whenever i try to comment on peoples blogs it tells me to keep bloody signing in even thought i'm signed in! so i can only comment peopl at home!! saaaa annoying!! anyways i am reading and enjoying your blog!! and we have the same surname! but mine is spelt differenly!!


Tell me what you think - I love it & I'm excited by it! And will try to comment on your blog too!

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