Friday, 8 October 2010

VIRAL COMMENTER: Kevin from Double Bay

Much of my time over yesterday and today has been spent laughing at the silly comments on an article on by a man call Kevin from Double Bay. I have since found out he is a viral commenter with a very snobby sense of humour. Have a look...

Read comment 22 and 66 on the article

Kevin of Double Bay Posted at 2:08 PM October 07, 2010
This type of ghastly behaviour seems to be on the rise from economy class passengers. When will airlines finally install security barriers between economy and business and first class sections of the aircraft so that high yield passengers such as myself and my chums can travel without fear or intimidation. Another proactive move would be to ban alcohol for anyone not seated in business or first class. It̢۪s time the airlines worked to restore some social ambience back into aviation.
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Kevin of Double Bay Posted at 3:18 PM October 07, 2010
I am rather aggrieved that some have chosen to take my comments in an incorrect context. I have flown economy once in Australia in 1997 and it was an abhorrent experience. The cuisine was basic at best, the face wipe arrived in a small packet that obviously was not sealed properly as it was dry when I attempted to use it and after waiting exactly 12 minutes for a flight attendant , I tried to order a Pimms as an after dinner drink and was told none was available. As a regular traveller and a member of various airline lounges I found the experience almost debilitating hence the reason I choose to fly as close to the front of the aircraft as possible. I am sure after such a flight many of you would do the same.
Comment 66 of 114

Kevin also strikes again here

With is hilarious comment:

“I guarantee he was not travelling 1st class let alone business class. My son Winston, who is privately educated, often comments on the type of individuals he sees behind the curtain. Short sleeve shirts, yellow rimmed sun glasses, ink tattoos and often piercings. I have no doubt the yobbo had too much alcohol which should not be served to this type of person......they do not have metabolism to handle alcohol at high altitude.

Posted by: Kevin of Double Bay of Double Bay 1:42pm today
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Someone is clearly very you know of other viral commenters like this?

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