Saturday, 9 October 2010


This commercial I have forgotten about for years! Have no idea why but it popped back into my head before. So thank-you modern technology and youtube, I found it again. It is by far, the most inspiring, best commercial I have ever seen. I used to be obsessed with it when it first came out. If you need something to give you a boost for the day, I hope this is it. The ad is superb and it even features the now old golden boy of swimming, Ian Thorpe. As well as David Beckham and Muhammed Ali. Don't really like Ali's pretend camera punching though at the end. But the rest is great.

Voice over -

Some people listen to themselves
Rather than listen to what others say
These people don't come along very often
But when they do, they remind us
That once you set out on a path
Even though critics may doubt you
It's ok to believe there is no can't, won't or impossible
They remind us that it's ok to belive
Impossible is nothing

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