Monday, 4 October 2010

RANDOM FINDS: This is what happens when you search 'Funny photos' on Google

Had a silly moment and typed in "Funny photo" on Google -well that just unleashed a whole lots of amusing images to come up and thoughts of, "oooo that would be good on my blog...oh and that...oh and I don't know why I would put it up but it would be funny" And before I know it this well become a blow devoted to 'Funny photos' which is not by really my ideal aim.
So I thought the best solution to this would be just to post some of the images below for you to have a laugh with. Enjoy and tell me what you laughed at if you feel like it.
Crazy kid

Oh dear!
Not a fashion blog but this is some strange fashion.
Poor American's!

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  1. Look at these, hillarious!! And you know what else is funny, I've seen price changes like that at Wal-Mart before... they marked the price down a penny or two. I'm like what???


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