Monday, 4 October 2010

OVERRATED: UCI World Championships

Does anyone follow the cycling?
Last week the UCI World Championships were on in Geelong - the area that I work in.
A month before we had had this big meeting about how they were going to cause dramas with parking and they were going to be huge, well I've got on word for you OVERRATED - parking was easy to find and it took me less than 5 minutes more to get to work, than the predicted hour it was supposed to be.
There were not a lot of people at all watching the race and most of the Geelong residents who were looked as if they were wondering around aimlessly. I was most amused though at some of the die hard fanatics who actually rode their bike to see the bike race and stood on the side lines with their bikes - quite amusing, they probably thought they were getting in on the action. I was a little confused as to who was the professional on a number of occasions but you only have to look at someones gut hanging out to realise they are an amateur. I actually didn't even know who were the famous bike riders were and what was actually going on in the races, just that we had to wait a lot longer to cross the road as they waited for the riders to scoot up.
At a local park in Geelong there were all these gorgeous little food stands including Spanish, Chinese, Mauritian, Mayalsian etc, over 15 of them, but the poor things were not busy at all and there were hardly any customers.
Yes the race was great for future tourism but the television coverage made Geelong look prettier than it is and a lot busier. I hardly saw the race in the news either, it just seems like the cycling was as popular as lawn bowls.
Personally I just found the whole thing annoying. No more bike riders please.

Please note = These are views from Wednesday to Friday supposedly on the weekend, 150,000 went to watch.

Geelong is putting on its best face while hosting the UCI Road World Championships.
Very little crowds turned out to watch the UCI World Champions. Photos thanks to Geelong Advertiser.

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