Monday, 4 October 2010

SILLY BOY: Nick Bracks

This post is going to be fun - I can combine some man body appreciation with a story in the media.

Silly little Nick Bracks (for those who don't know, he was the old Victorian Premier, Steve Brack's son who was in the spot light for drink driving and writing off a car 4 years ago to then become an aspiring model - he is now a bit of a Melbourne party boy)

He is in the media spotlight at the moment for being arrested for being drunk in public, you can read about it here.

There are two things that I had a little giggle about in the article -

The 23-year-old aspiring model was arrested early on Friday after being found passed out outside the St Kilda Police Station. - Oh dear, is that not the worst place ever to found passed out?!?! Sounds like someone dumped him there...

Bracks was arrested after being found unconscious. - I didn't know unconscious people could be arrested...

Funnily enough, this boy is my Facebook friend. Yep we go way back...well not really, we've never even met. It came about last year, I am a tutor on the side as a hobby and for extra cash, I received a phone call from someone wanting university level economics tutoring. Unfortunately that is not my forte, so I told the person on the other line to look me up on facebook, add me and I could send him a message with some contacts. I thought it was actually quite clever because I could see who the person was I was passing on the contacts (of my friends) too - however, my boyfriend at the time thought I was very silly and stupid for telling someone to add me on Facebook that I didn't even know. Next thing I know though, the person who has added me is Nick Bracks! I didn't realise I was speaking to him on the phone and he was actually really lovely and polite. Ripper! haha

Anyway forget about the rest and enjoy the photos below -


Tell me what you think - I love it & I'm excited by it! And will try to comment on your blog too!

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