Monday, 13 September 2010

FEEL GOOD SONG - Belle and Sebastian - Boy with the Arab Strap

Being stuck in an office, in my opinion, can be second to torture at times.
An office without music is like a jail. Having previously worked in a newspaper office, there was always music played. One of the women there introduced me to this song, 'The boy with the arab strap' she said that when she worked in Spain she used to play it in their office as their feel good song. So now when I hear it, it puts me in a good mood.
Do you have a feel good song that you play in the office?

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  1. I love this song :)

    I used one of the lines ("Colour my life with the chaos of trouble") in one of my English essays. I haven't gotten it back yet so I don't know how that went down lol.


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