Wednesday, 29 September 2010


This is Jasmine, she is 17 and very excited about finishing year 12 soon.
Anyway as a side hobby, I do tutoring and Jasmine has been one of my students this year for English which she has improved dramatically with. She is fun loving, happy and friendly - also an aspiring model. A few weeks ago we had a photo shoot to add to Jasmine's modelling portfolio at Jan Juc beach. The photos turned out beautifully so I thought it would be good to show them off on this blog as she could be a famous model one day soon!
This is only part 1 of the photos, she had a number of different looks. The photos looks like a gorgeous beach day, however, Jasmine was hoping around the beach as the water was very cold. Best of luck for your year 12 exams Jasmine!

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Tell me what you think - I love it & I'm excited by it! And will try to comment on your blog too!

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