Thursday, 30 September 2010


Channel 10's latest new Australian comedy drama show, Offspring is fabulous!

If you have not seen it, the basic explanation for it would be it centers around Nina Proudman who is an obsetrican in Melbourne who is surrounded by a crazy, energetic and eccentric family. She is in her early 30s and had divorced earlier a crazy husband who had an obsession with blowing up every thing.
Much of the story line centers around her flirting and obsessing over the gorgeous doctor, Chris Havel.

The show very much speaks to women (although I do believe many men have a secret sneak peek at it and know what is going on!). Nina's has these panic stricken, crazy moments (as females do where we think everything is worse than what it is!) where her voice over is very easy for women to relate to.

The show had many over dramatic moments but it keeps you entertained and keeps you shocked!

If you have not watched it get onto it (Sunday night 8.30pm Channel 10) And another fantastic thing is if you miss it on TV, you can watch it online at the website here.

 Or if you have watched it - tell me what you think?
File:Offspring TVSeries Cast.jpg

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