Thursday, 23 September 2010

Siimon Reynolds - YOU ARE FABULOUS!

There are plenty of people out there offering motivational advice.
But one person who has really resonates with me has been Siimon Reynolds. It all started when my mum gave me his book 'Better Than Chocolate'for Christmas a few years ago, I can still remember her saying to me, "Sar-ah, it's by that famous adverting guy Siimon Reynolds." At the time I had no idea who he was nevertheless thoughts, 'oh well, that sounds cool' and really enjoyed the book.

Then last year I watched a profile interview of him on the ABC television program Talking Heads which you can also watch here. And if you would rather read the transcipt it is here.

It was one of those clips that was life changing and insightful. Think I have re-watched it 40 times since.I just find it so refreshingly inspiring and motivating - it always gets me going again when I feel I'm going into a rut. I could go on for ages and write a really long blog about all I know about him and how fabulous he is. But without going into huge amount of details, there are a few things that stood out in it for me in the Talking Heads episode:

  • He became a creative director of an advertising agency at 21
  • He has created many marvellous commercials in his career but is very well known for the 1987 Anti Aids commercial that you can view here
  • A book that influenced him when he was 17 was 'Think and Grow Rich' - I went out and brought it after hearing about it, very good read!
  • He had had many successful and failures but always get back on his bike and keeps going. Like this quote from the Talking Heads episode,
  • "We'd gone from nowhere to second-best at the awards. We'd won two out of three of the business pitches we were on and then I got sacked. What do you think of the blue-door ad? It was devastating. The whole industry assumed I'd failed. And in the end, the only way to get a job was to, with a couple of other guys, open my own agency, at age 23."
  • One of his favourite meditative spaces is his bath tub, as his says, " running water creates negative ions. And the brain needs negative ions to think clearly. "
  • For two weeks he sent a girl a coconut every day and at the end of it, sent her a card saying, "I'm nuts about you."

Siimon is one of those lucky people who comes across as charasmatic, charming and speaks with a very good and clear voice.

He has some good views on how people can become successful, as he says in the below clip, 'I like to look at the psychology of people who have been successful."

I've just brought his latest book called, "Why people Fail." Perhaps when I finish I will do a review of it on this blog.

I've pretty much watched every good youtube video clip there is on him (wish he would make some podcasts to help other young people get motivated!) but the one below is my favourites.

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  1. WOW Sarah, thank you so much! He is wonderful. I am off to YouTube some more of his talks now!


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