Tuesday, 21 September 2010

LOVE IT: The Daily Love

If you are looking for a phenomenally beautiful e newsletter, look to The Daily Love. 
It's one of those daily e-mails that yes, can sometimes seem like they are clugging up your inbox, however, this one is like a little life line if you ever need a little pep up or as the website describes it, an 'e-multivitamin'. 
The email is basically filled with beautiful, nice and calm quotes so remind you of the fragile reality of life and to not worry so much - if you are in the right mood, it can be quite enjoyable. 
You are able to sign up for it here.
The publisher of the website also leaves a little daily message, the one below is from the other day, I just thought it would be a nice piece of calm for whoever is reading this. 

Whenever the Uni-verse asks you to move on there is a sense of sadness that accompanies letting go.

Do not deny the sadness of moving on. Instead sit in it with a whole lot of love for yourself and the situation. No matter how much you may wish that life could be different accept that this is what's true for today.

There is a jewel within the melancholy of letting go. The jewel is the beginning of a new awareness within yourself and a new life. Each relationship, business venture, job and phase of our lives serve as platforms for us to grow.
Joy comes to those who are able to sit in the in between, the space between what was and what will be. Joy comes to those who do not run from their feelings but courageously embrace them in search of the new jewel of awareness.
Remember, for a new day to begin the darkness of night must fall. Each is a natural part of the cycle of life. Embrace the dark moments and remember that just before dawn is the darkest of night.
Just be with it - the dawn will break

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