Thursday, 23 September 2010

BEST NEW SONG: Want Everything by The Verses

This is definetely my song of the week - this is not meant to be a music blog but as I work at a computer 8 hours a day at the moment, finding new good songs to listen to is one thing that keeps me going.
I am a huge advocate of radio's in the workplace. They create a great atmosphere and fun among people when a good songs comes on that people can talks about and sing to. It is also sporadic, so it is able to affect your mood in a better way. Whereas having to sit with headphones in all the time is just a health and safety issue, it's going to affect my ear drums! Does anyone else share this opinion?

Nevertheless, The Vereses are the combination Victorian siblings of Ella and Jesse Hooper who used to be part of the popular late 90's, early 2000's band Killing Heidi (personally I think their new stuff is much better than the 'head bang bang' of Killing Heidi). Their sound is much differnt, less hard rock and more contemporary pop/rock with a country slant. I think Ella's voice is strong, thoughtful, slower and soulful through the song and her lyrics are poignant and flow well. It is also a little Fleetwood Mac-esque, which has also been on my playlist this week. I love the line in the song, "I'm waiting for that ship to come in, change in the wind to blow through."

Looking forward to hearing more of their new album, Seasons.

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  1. Good song i like it...i know the feeling...finding songs keeps me going at work!!!


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