Wednesday, 29 September 2010

GOODBYE GARY: Gary Ablett Junior off to the Gold Coast :-(

Just a little post to say Goodbye to Gary Ablett Jr. He is going from SURF coast to the GOLD coast - literally the GOLD coast for him because he will be getting more gold coins to go up there.

Honestly, I don't really care about football.

But two years ago I remember watching the Brownlow Medal on television and feeling very sorry for the sadness in Gary Ablett Jr's eyes when he didn't win and this was all at about 11:30pm. The next day I had to drive to 1.5 hours to Torquay from Melbourne early in the morning. Around 11am I decided to go get some lunch from the Safeway and quickly rushed in. As I was going into the line, without looking, I intercepted with some rowdy boys and then one was kind of enough to know the rule of ladies first and let me go in front.
Next thing I turn around with a puppy dog like expression of tilting my head and asked the guy-
"Do you play football?"
"Yes," he answered.
"Are you Gary Ablett?"
"Junior - yes," he answered
"Oh my! I can't believe it, I saw you on the TV night, what are you doing here?" I responded shocked!
"Yeah I drove down this morning," he replied.
"Hmmmmmm aren't you supposed to be really hungover?" I asked a little puzzled.
"Nahhhh, I've got a Grand Final to play on Saturday!" Lovely GA replied.
"Oh, that's right..." - and I felt a little silly and out of the loop there.
So that was my funny moment with Gary Ablett Junior. But ever since then I have been a fan. He had an amazing energy about him and has a certain attractiveness about his demeanour. He also comes across very humble and shy but with a bit of a cheeky edge.
May he go very well up on the Gold Coast and write some of his own history as the first and greatest at his new football club.
But my one question is - what is Lauren going to do?

So little Gary wants to swap this (the Surf Coast) beautiful, uncrowded, pristine beaches in Torquay...

For this on the plastic Gold Coast...

Well at least they both have good surf....


  1. he is good looking haha. im assuming she'll move? my friends are friends with her they all went to school together i need to get the scoop! hahaha.

  2. hahahah please do! looking forward to hearing about it. wow about your friends knowing her! supposedly she is very nice! :-)

  3. My sister know her brother! She says she's lovely! Hey if his gonna be single again mayble i'll move up to the gold coast! haha! :P xx

  4. It would be hard to resist the money they threw at him, but I reckon your Surf Coast looks like a better place to live.


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