Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Cheeky Lauren Phillips did a fabulous prank call to her boyfriend, Gary Ablett Jr last week after, the night after the Brownlow Medal when the cute little man was very hungover in the early hours of the morning. As you will hear, when he answers the phone he is woken up and sounds all tired - so cute!
Equally cheeky little Gary tells a lot of porky pies in it such as not following football!!? which makes it all the more amusing!
Have a listen and enjoy.
Also what do we think of her dress at the Brownlow? I thought it was gorgeous but a fraction boring. The Bulgari necklace is gorgeous -but is it really worth the $170,000 price tag?
Nevertheless, I must say I have always been in awe and envy of Lauren and Gary, they are a bit of a young power couple, they go to all the good events but at the same time are both 'kicking their own goals'.

GOTCHA: Lauren Phillips has caught out boyfriend Gary Ablett in a classic prank call.

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  1. Haha, I'm usually not a prankster at all, but I pulled one on my husband recently and it soooooooooooo backfired! I pretended I'd lost his wedding ring in the bath and he got really upset.

    Definitely not recommended -- it sounds like this one went okay though. : )

    ~ Becks


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